School reports & policies

Recent Reports

School Strategic Plan 2018-2022

2021 Annual Implementation Plan

2020 Annual Report to the School Community

2019 Panorama Supplementary School Level Report

School policies

The following policies are based on the recommendations of the Department of Education and Training (DET) Victoria, and formulated in conjunction with the whole school community.

Photographing, Filming and Recording Students Policy (and accompanying consent for Photography, Filming and Recording Students Consent)

Communication with School Staff

Parent Payment Arrangements – February 2022 

DET Parent Payments policy – Policy |

Local Excursion Annual Consent 2022

Digital Learning Policy

Registers (Maintenance) Policy

Reporting to Parents

Responding to Suspected Child Abuse (Standard 5)

Screening Supervision & Training for New & Existing Staff

Statement of Values and School Philosophy

Strategies to Embed an Organisation Culture

Strategies to promote the Participate & Empowerment of Children

Student Engagement Policy

Students Running Away From School

Student Wellbeing and Engagement

Teaching & Learning Policy

Visitors Policy


Wellbeing & Learning

Working with Children (Suitability)for Visitors & Volunteers

Working with Children (Suitability) Checks – Staff

Yard Duty & Supervision

Emergency & Incident Reporting


First Aid

Framework for Improving Student Outcomes


Incursions (Safety of Children Working with External Providers

Internet Use Social Media

Learning Protocols_30.11.16

Mandatory Reporting (Child Reporting)

Medication (Administration of).2

Medication (Administration of)


Northcote Primary School Child Safe Introduction

Philosophy Vision Mission Statement

Procedures for Verifying & Recording WWC(Suitability) Checks & VIT Registration Policy

Procedures when an Allegation of Child Abuse is made (standard 5) Policy

Professional Learning

Record Keeping Procedures Policy

Accident Reporting & Recording

Anaphylaxis Management

Annual Report policy

Assessment Policy

Asthma Management Policy

Attendance Policy

Bullying & Harassment

Camps & Excursions

Care Arrangements for Ill Children

Child Safe Standard (Standard 1 and 2)

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy

Child Safety Policy

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Class Placement Policy

Collection Statement

Complaints policy

Children at Risk

ChildSafe Standard 6 Risk Assessment Template

Commitment to Child Safety Stds 1&2

Communication Procedures & Schedule

Complaints Parent Policy

Data Analysis & Use Policy

Discipline Behaviour

Duty of Care

Schools’ Privacy Policy

Previous Reports

School strategic plan 2018 to 2021

NPS Annual Report 2020

NPS Annual Report 2019 and Overview

NPS Annual Report 2018

NPS Annual Report 2017

NPS Annual Report 2016

NPS Annual Report 2015

NPS Annual Report 2014

NPS Annual Report 2013

NPS Annual Report 2012

NPS Annual Report 2011

School Strategic Plan 2015-2018

NWVR Northcote PS Peer Review 2014 Final