School Council


School Council meets to discuss and decide on a range of issues relating to school governance. It is supported by the work done its subcommittees. A new School Council is formed every March via nomination, and voting is held if there are more candidates than vacancies. School Councillors are elected for two-year terms.

School Council meetings are generally open to all members of the school community. If you would like to find out more about getting involved in the School Council, or contributing via a subcommittee, please contact one of the School Council members below.


2018 Parent Raised Funds Financial Report FINAL


School Council Dates 2019/20


Committee Dates

School Council Meeting
12/06/2019; 7/08/2019; 4/09/2019; 30/10/2019; 4/12/2019; 26/02/2020. New school council
induction and welcome 3/2020.

Community Subcommittee
24/07/2019; 21/08/2019; 16/10/2019; 20/11/2019. School Community are welcome.

Education Subcommittee
Monday 27/05/2019, 7pm, staff room. School Community are welcome.

Environment Subcommittee
4/06/2019; 30/07/2019; 27/08/2019; 22/10/2019; 26/11/2019 – Community are welcome.

Finance Subcommittee
5/06/2019; 31/07/2019; 28/08/2019; 23/10/2019; 27/11/2019 – School Council Finance Committee
members only.

NOOSCH Subcommittee
7/6/19; 19/7/19; 30/8/19; 11/10/19; 22/11/19 – Community are welcome – meetings take place at


Staff Representatives

Kerrie Williams

Ross Bennie

Kate Stevenson

Laura Wandke

Parent Representatives

Ian Taylor (President)

David Andrewartha

Karen McWilliam (Surridge)

Melanie Ryan

Peter Corrie

Julie Borninkhof

Andrew Gillett

Tessa Van Duyn


Sub-committees are open to all parents, and the school welcomes all contributions from parents and carers. The Junior School Council also meets regularly and reposts to the School Council.

All sub-committees are responsible for the development and review of policies within the area of their responsibility for recommendation to the School Council. Sub-committees are responsible for regular updates of their activities via the school website and newsletter.


Treasurer: Julie Borninkhof

Function: To ensure the proper management of the finances of the school and to discuss and make appropriate recommendations regarding the school’s finances, financial policies and budget to the School Council.

The Finance Sub-committee will:

  • Prepare the annual School Council budget for School Council approval.
  • Monitor the School Council budget and report to School Council prior to each School Council meeting with recommendations for action/approval.
  • Evaluate, where appropriate, significant financial proposals from other sub-committees before consideration by the School Council.


Convenor:  Sam Corrie

Function: To discuss and make recommendations to the School Council on a wide range of education issues as they relate to the school.


  • Have direct involvement in the formation and evaluation of the Four Year Strategic Plan and monitor the progress against the goals.
  • Draft, consider and recommend policies to promote educational excellence, which  include, but are not limited to, student welfare, homework, internet use, drug education, use of mobile devices such as mobile phones, school camps and excursions, student leadership and other broad educational matters, such as languages.
  • Discuss curriculum and develop and be consulted on the educational directions and broad vision of the school using guidelines provided by DET
  • Review relevant school data issued by education authorities, such as NAPLAN
  • Assume the responsibilities of the Friends of the Library Group, considering issues such as, community engagement, the library collection, and the annual fundraising appeal and other matters

The DET School Council representatives on this subcommittee will assume responsibility for liaising with the Library technician and Business Manager and reporting on library activities and expenditure of the Library Fund.


Convenor: Karen Surridge

Function: To discuss and make recommendations to the School Council on a wide range of matters and policies relating to the improvement and maintenance of the physical environment at the school


  • Maintenance and improvement of the school’s grounds (including the Block)
  • Maintenance and improvements of the school’s buildings
  • Environmental initiatives, such as solar power, water saving measures, and others
  • Working bees
  • Hiring of school premises


Convenor: Tessa Van Duyn

Function: To discuss and make recommendations to the School Council on a wide range of issues and policies that foster productive and cooperative community engagement across the school and local community.


  • Monitor the school website’s overall content and prompt other Subcommittees to review the content relevant to their areas of interest. It will have overall responsibility for ensuring quality control and the proper functioning of the website.
  • Organise community events such as the Grade Six Graduation, the annual Welcome Picnic, Prep orientation, social events, class level get-togethers and information nights.
  • Organise fundraising activities such as the Annual Fete, Trivia Night, mango drive.
  • Encourage school–family partnerships and communication.
  • Improve connections with the wider community (e.g. linking in with community events, accessing funding)
  • Establish a Parent Register to facilitate parent contribution to teaching and learning, and broader activities
  • Assist with Community Development Grants.

Northcote Out of School Hours Care (OSH Club) Committee of Management

Convenor: Kerrie Williams

This Committee oversees the Out of School Hours Club Program, including the program’s activities, its physical environment and its financial operations. This program continues to offer high quality care for our children. In recent years major work has been completed to improve the building and facilities.

Junior School Council

Convenor: Stephanie Griffiths

The Junior School Council is a voice for the students of Northcote Primary School. Its members represent their classrooms, organise fundraising events and consider issues that concern students at school.

Get in touch!

If you have any feedback or want to know more about your School Council reach out to me via

Julie Borninkhof

Mum of Olive 1/2 Anita
School Council President & Finance Committee Member