Choir Community Outreach


On Monday morning, November 11th, Students from grades 4, 5 and 6 walked down to Kmart in Northcote to sing for the opening of the Kmart Wishing Tree. This is a joint project between the Salvation Army and Kmart that invites customers to buy a toy for a boy or girl and have it placed under the large Xmas tree to be distributed by The Salvos to children who would otherwise miss out on a surprise on Christmas Day.

We were invited to come along and lend our voices to the cause and after some frantic rehearsing last week -we were only asked last Monday- we rolled up in our shiny Christmas hats wearing red and green and gave them our versions of The 12 days of Christmas (we sang the canine version: “5 Golden Retrievers, 4 Collie dogs, 3 French Poodles, 2 Great Danes and a Schnauzer with a goatee!”) and a medley of a Rockin’ Christmas. Ever tuneful and beautifully behaved, the students sang with lots of energy and put smiles on the faces of the audience.

We were a big hit and justly proud of ourselves and will go back next year to help this worthy cause. So if you are at Northcote Plaza over the coming weeks and would like to pass on some Christmas cheer to someone less fortunate, why don’t you place a present under that tree?

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